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Beth Hatvillah

The Mikvah is the cornerstone of the Jewish family and central to our way of life. It is used by brides before their marriage, married women for the duration of their childbearing years and for conversion. The Rochester Mikvah is open to the community before the High Holidays and for Tevilas Keilim throughout the year.

 The Rochester Mikvah welcomes women from all segments of our community who embrace the mitzvah of Mikva as an opportunity to infuse their lives and their homes with spirituality and holiness.


Hours & Fees

Mikvah is by appointment only

Annual Membership
$25/ Month (with automatic PayPal withdrawal)
Or one time payment of $200 ($100 savings)

Out of Town Guest Fee
with local family membership $25
without local membership $30

Kallah/Bride $100
Tveilas Keilim will be by appointment only and upcoming days will be announced on TorahRochester.

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Dear Rochester Mikvah Users,

Our community’s health is of the utmost importance. We are continuing to follow these protocols and have added additional guidelines. Please see below:

  1. We will be disinfecting all surfaces before and after each Mikvah user.
  2. We are instructing our users that they need to prepare fully at home. The shower and bath at the Mikvah will not be available for use before or after immersion.
  3. Please bring your own freshly cleaned towels (one for you and one to cover the floor) in a plastic bag. Use this bag for your clothes when at the Mikvah. For everyone’s safety, the Mikvah will not provide towels during this time. Please bring your own washcloth for saying the brachos if that is your minhag.
  4. If you are experiencing any symptoms, i.e coughing, sniffles, fever (of 100 or more), vomiting or diarrhea or shortness of breath or you have been exposed to someone with the COVID-19 virus, please consult with your Rav and doctor. For the safety of the Mikvah patrons, the attendants will not permit anyone who is symptomatic to use the Mikvah without a confirmation that you have consulted with your doctor to rule out a COVID-19 diagnosis.
  5. The water in the Mikvah is being treated with chemicals (bromine) which, according to the CDC, should remove or inactivate the COVID-19 virus, and the chemical levels will be carefully monitored.
  6. Mikvah attendants will not be able tovel any items on your behalf.
  7. Please wait to tovel items on our designated toveling day only, not during Mikva use.

Bizchus Nashim Tzidkaniyos nig’alu avoseinu mimitzrayim uvezchus Nashim Tzidkaniyos asidin lehigoel. It is in the merit of the righteous women of Israel that we were saved from Egypt and it will be in their merit that we experience the final redemption. We look forward to the future when we are all able to resume our normal routines. Thank you for helping keep this community healthy and safe.

Esther Caro

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